Monday, October 12, 2015


No.  it neither hopeless nor pointless and neither is it irreversible nor irreparable.  Yes.  It is disturbing and dismaying, saddening and even depressing.  Such  can be rightfully said about the Political Scene in the Philippines during these extra difficult times.  While it has a good amount of negative features, hopeless it is certainly not precisely when its non-flattering elements are brought to fore – openly and objectively – with the ardent hope that the still big number of Filipinos with good will and noble intentions would have such as the following lamentable realities in Philippine politics slowly though surely corrected:

1.  The interests of the powerful and those few wealthy families are pitted against those of the multi-million weak and poor people usually perpetrated through political peddling and influence.

2.  The supposedly equal application of the law and the equitable administration of justice are time and again jeopardized by preferential factors on account of political considerations.

3.  The constitutional and wherefore categorical principle of Separation of Powers among the three branches of government are not rarely set aside for politico-reciprocal advantages.

4.  Political debts are paid by those elected to public offices particularly through the appointment of their well-identified supporters to many different juicy government positions.

5.  The Executive Department surreptitiously though effectively collaborate with Congress in padding government budget with many different conceivable “porkish” and at times even mysterious items.

6.  There is practically no public and clear accountability of the resources and facilities of government owned and controlled corporations that should be rendered by the political protégées thereto appointed.

7.  Rather elaborate, impressive and wherefore costly propaganda machine infallibly accompanies all wealthy and influential candidates for public offices from local  to the national levels.

8.  The electoral process has been systematically subverted by those in tenure of political offices in favor of their own selves, their immediate as well as distant family members, not to mention their special friends.

9.  People have become by and large cynical about the political moves of those in the Executive and Legislative branches of government in order to politicize even the judiciary.

10.  If today, we are what we are in our political scene, we need to have a closer and honest look at our Political Culture precisely in order to remedy our pitiful Political Scene.  

Friday, October 09, 2015


Misinterpretation has accompanied the Church from her very foundation by Christ through Peter – “The Rock” – more than two thousand years ago.  The teachings she promoted and the pronouncements  She made, the laws and observances She established – all these have undergone contrary moves at different times from different sources.  But the Church still stands in all the continents of the world, has sons and daughters from people of different races and colors.  And stand – exists, teaches, acts – She remains with her Founder until time there is none.  So it is that the civilized world counts time in terms of “Before Christ” and “After Christ” – the Founder of the Church.

On the occasion of the pastoral visit of Pope Francis to the USA – which was preceded by his normative enactment towards a more focused and wherefore abbreviated proceedings specifically in conjunction with the Marriage Nullity Process in the Church – he was rather candid in saying that such simplification and abbreviation in no way means that there is now such a thing as a “Catholic Divorce”.  Instead, the said more simple and short proceedings are but meant to affirm that once the truth of the nullity of a marriage held  before the Church is in fact established, there is no reason to still prolong the trial.  Although the Holy Father did not say it, the over-all intention of the procedural abbreviation is in accord with the maxim that “Justice delayed is justice denied”.  In other words, why prolong the agony of the Parties concerned when their  de facto marriage is already proven as de iure null and void from its very start.

By the way, it might be good to point out that a “Catholic Divorce” is a big contradiction in terms as far as the Church herself if concerned:  As the Catholic Church is not the author of divorce, neither is divorce acceptable to the Catholic Church.  This is in line with the truth that there are no such thing as “Catholic Adultery”, “Catholic Bigamy”, “Catholic Polygamy” and other openly contradictory thoughts.

The singularity and amiability of Pope Francis are readily perceived and felt in his over-all spirit of “Mercy and Compassion” for the poor and the suffering, for wrongdoers and sinners, for those who placed themselves outside the spiritual embrace of the Church.  There is also something quite singular about him:  He loves children in the same way that children love him.  The Pope embracing children and children embracing the Pope – such is dear and endearing sight.  So there was this some two-year old blond-haired child who tried to get away from the hold of her father in her eagerness to embrace the Pope.  And she succeeded.  What a sight!

So it is that inclusion – not exclusion – is his vision for refugees.  He said that giving them an embrace is definitely the better option than that of building walls to keep them far.  That is mercy!  That is compassion!   

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


In general, it can be said that the Lumad – as a collective  people’s identity – is an indigenous “non-Islamized” people in Southern Philippines.  The place they have occupied and lived in for centuries, has the distinction of being a rather spacious land area and definitely quite rich for its abundant timber and specially so for its mining resources.  And these wealth of nature is precisely the cause of their many and serious problems – instead of being the source of their blessing, the origin of their common welfare.

Reason:  Non-Lumad – not only their fellow Filipinos with neither any sense of ethics nor the use of right reason but specially greedy and amoral foreigners are after their said abundant natural resources.  So what if they destroy the environ, so what if they leave behind a desolate people plus a poisoned earth?  So what if they harass, they kidnap and/or even kill the simple natives who simply want to keep what is really theirs, to protect what in fact belongs to them.

So it was and so it still is that the Rightists and the Leftists plus the Traitors to their own people came and are still coming.  To say that they look at the Lumad as their common enemy and that they are ready to do anything and everything to rob them of their rightful resources, to drive them away in order to occupy their land, to put them to death even – this is an understatement.  And such are precisely the composite of the big misfortune of the Lumad long since, but specially so in these days and time.  They only  want to keep what is rightfully theirs.  They simply want to be left in peace so that they can live their simple lives, have their simple needs.

Such was the over-all background when Sultan Quiram himself wanted to see and talk with the Malacañang occupant.  He pleaded for the meeting.  He begged for the talk.  He became sick.  He died.  And the supposed highest public official in the land mandated to look after the public welfare of the people all over the Country, said nothing, did nothing.  To this date, Sultan Julius is not known even but to have attempted to see and talk with the same supreme power figure in the Philippines, a portion of which has been home to the Lumad long, long before he was even born.

These are really sad and pitiful times for the Lumad:  Some of their villages are in fact considered “occupied” by these or those militant groups.  They have some small and poor schools that are “shut down”.  More.  Their human rights are nonchalantly violated.  Families are flagrantly driven away from their homes.  Children are denied their education.  Their present is a challenge.  Their future is one big question.

By the way:  What has BBL got to do with all these atrocities against and consequent resentments of the Lumad?  Is BBL not supposed to establish unity and peace in Mindanao?  What has the USA got to do with the BBL?  What countries are actually funding BBL since its conception – and why?  How do the MNLF and the BIFF and the ASG and the ISIS look at the BBL?  Where is LUMAD in the BBL?       

Monday, October 05, 2015


“You rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries.  Your wealth has rotted, your fine wardrobe has grown moth-eaten, your gold and silver have corroded and their corrosion shall be a testimony against you; it will devour your flesh like a fire... Here, crying aloud, are the wages you withheld from the farmhands who harvested your fields, the shouts of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord.  You lived in wanton luxury on earth, you fattened yourselves for the day of slaughter. (James 5:1-6)
The above citation from nothing less than Sacred Scriptures sounds not only scary for the covetous, the avaricious, the rapacious but has special relevance to many hacienderos who own truly big farmlands, who do anything to keep these under their sovereignty, who look down at their farmers as but some kind of work animals hereto throwing merely some residuals to keep them alive, to keep them working.

Hence, they firmly hold on and ferociously defend their haciendas – come what may.  Provided that they remain wealthy and powerful, they then feel and act like “Landlords” in the strict sense of the term – with a capital “L” to qualify the “lords”.  The sad present and dim future of the farmers together with their families, never mind.    What is truly important is for the haciendas to remain intact and for the hacienderos to continue being wealthy, to become even wealthier.

The above-cited grim biblical passage not only sounds real but also reads familiar – considering in particular the disturbing or even disgusting phenomena in the Country.  There is the untouchable hacienda.  There are the filthy rich hacienderos.  There are the pitiful hacienda workers.  There was the Mendiola Massacre.  There were the Tarlac murders.  There was even the ousted Chief Justice of the Philippines.  But everything remains OK.  In act, there is a huge business center in the Hacienda.  There is even the long highway express passing by the Hacienda and ending at the highways.

“Weep and wail”:  Now, the hacienderos live in laughter and joy, celebrate and rejoice.  Thereafter, its misery and pain, anguish and agony.

“Impending miseries”:  Tribulations are but waiting to happen. Grief and agony are coming to order.  Escape there is none.

“Testimony against you”:  There is no excuse.  There is no escape.  There are too many known injustices done, too much oppression made.

“Wanton luxury”:  They laugh and celebrate now.  They enjoy life, they love living.  But all these will ultimately and definitely come to an end.

“Day of slaughter”:  Hacienderos, you have been told.  You have been warned.  What do you do now?  Will you simply say: “Let’s be merry now for tomorrow we die”?  How pitiful!  How saddening!     

Friday, October 02, 2015


Now, it is a fable.  It is a joke.  It is passé.  But when it was declaimed for the first time before a big public inaugural gathering, there were loud cheers, long claps, plus much admiration from the general public.  When not long thereafter it was invoked and even shouted every now and then, people  but wondered what was it all about and smiled at the somehow still well-known jargon.  But when now invoked for political purposes – specially during these times leading to election 2016 – the public reaction ranges from laughter to disgust, from wonder to aversion.  Translation:  A political candidate who adopts and thus invokes the now infamous jargon ipso facto loses votes.

So it is that “Daang Matuid” has become but a big hallucination, not a ground reality.  It is but one big joke to laugh about, not a truth to be edified with.  It is but a sound bite, not really an actuality.  Given the indispensable service of the KKK, considering the downright amorality of the DAP and PDAF inventions , thinking of the day and night customary killing and stealing, the habitual criminality not only in the streets but also in the homes – not to mention the manufacture, consumption and exportation of prohibited drugs, the production and distribution of pornographic materials not only about adults but about teenagers as well , plus the exportation of people and importation of garbage – one understandably wonders:  Where is the “Daan”?  How come is it “Matuid”?  The chant has become not only a big joke but also a downright insult to people with the right mind and common sense judgment.

No wonder then that as such, a once perceived noble and edifying maxim – supposedly standing for integrity, rectitude, honesty – has become one big joke after another through different versions heard and/or read in various media outlets – such as the following:

“Daang matuid kuno pero sa liko-liko patungo.”  Translation:  The presidential leadership is anything but noble and trustworthy – even but considering the incarnation of various novel ways of fooling around with public funds that filled the pockets of many except the needy.

“Matuid na Daan patungo sa kanal.”  Translation:  The Malacañang occupant had in effect led the Country to troubling facts such as the Hacienda Luisita debacle, the subjugation of the Legislature, the Mamasapano Massacre preceded by the Mendiola Massacre.

“Daang tutuwad-tuwad.”   Translation:  A leader who says what he is told to, who does what he is asked to do, who attends to his personal agenda on line with his personal interests is but a confused and confusing individual.  Being but led and self-preoccupied, a leader he is certainly not.

Lastly, there is the newest one that says:  “Daang matuid na di madaanan.”  Needless to say, this has reference to roads with non-moving traffic, drivers who fall asleep, passengers who grow older in the buses, streets that serve as parking areas instead.

With malice towards none, with but truth in mind!