Monday, March 30, 2015


Particularly on the occasion of this Holy Week – which acquires a special significance, a particular relevance during these difficult times in the Country now submersed in poverty and immersed in disunity primarily on account of a questionable governance with its likewise questionable done acta and on-going agenda – it is quite timely and proper to consider certain key teachings of the “Social Doctrine of the Church” even but considering that this distinct and special Week in the Church calendar is basically about the love of God for man. And rightly so because He made man as a composite of body and spirit – neither of body alone as brute animals nor as spirit alone as angelic creatures.

It is commonly said, and somehow shamefully too, that the “Social Doctrine of the Church” is the “Best-kept Secret in the World”. Though sad to hear and to know, it is difficult to say that such is but a downright falsity specially in conjunction with the People of God themselves – the Laity, the Religious and the Clergy as a whole. And while it can be readily granted that a good number of the members of the Clergy in particular, know much about Philosophy and Theology with their significant and complementary orthodox sciences, the truth remains that the same Churchmen themselves are not that acquainted with the “Social Doctrine of the Church.” Sad but true.

Needless to say, the Church is very much concerned with and attentive to spirituality, religiosity and many other related profoundly moral and supernal matters. But while the Church is concerned with heavenly truths, She is also attentive to earthly realities. And while the Church first and foremost has God in mind, She is likewise much preoccupied with the concerns of man formed by God to nothing less than His own image. In other words, the Church is definitely concerned with the significance of faith and morals specially in conjunction with the life to come. At the same time however, as already noted, the Church is duly also attentive to the import of reason and ethics in conjunction with earthly realities here and now.

And this brings to mind the three main categories of teaching and practice present in the world today. One, the verticalist approach whereby there is but exclusive reference to Divinity and man as most religious sects do – such as the so-called “charismatic” groupings established here and there. Two, the horizontalist perspective where in there is exclusive concern about man and man - such as what basically atheistic movements say and act upon. Three, the genuine and integral Christian vision and mission of the Catholic Church in terms of preaching and acting in the conjunction with God and man in vertical dimension (“Love God”) plus in the sphere of man and man (“Love man”) in the horizontal plane. When combined, the teachings thus distinctly proclaim the exact image of the Cross of Christ in terms of its vertical and horizontal composite.

Friday, March 27, 2015


The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”(1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, Principles, Section 1) Among other realities and truths about the above constitutional provision which is nothing less than a “Principle”, the following come to fore:

Democracy: Freedom of the people. Decision by the people. Welfare of the people. Republic: Public welfare. Common good. Civil order. Sovereignty: By the people. For the people. Of the people.

So it is that in the Republic of the Philippines, it is the people who choose their government officials through election, who pay their salaries and benefits through taxes, who expect their service in the context of equality, justice and equity.

And thus it is that as people place public officials in authority, people may ask them to leave it behind. As people assigned to them their respective public office, placed them in the national and local government position, people may tell them to leave it behind.

Resign!” “Go!” “Out!” This is the right – not a concession, neither a permission nor a license – of the people to tell a public official when this is proven incompetent, unable or disabled in fulfilling his task, attending to his Oath of Office and pursuant commitment.

Again and again – just for the record. Democracy means:

a. The citizens have the rightful and active role in forming their government.

b. The citizens may accept or reject those who in fact govern them.

c. The citizens are losers when governed by dictatorial or elitist individuals.

d. The citizens expect their government to observe not violate the laws.

e. The citizens must be governed pursuant to their human dignity and rights.

f. The citizen should have access to public service, to public utilities.

g. The citizens are subject to but beneficial socio-political structures.

So it is that in a genuine democratic system of government, the good of the governed has priority over the benefit of those governing them. And so it is that when anyone of those exercising public authority over them, specially someone in the highest government position – not only disregard but also belittle them, not only rule over but lie to them – it is the right and prerogative of the people to say: “Go!” “Leave!” “Quit!” Elementary!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Specially for citizens of a “democratic and republican” State, political involvement is not only a signal right but also a distinct obligation to be well concerned with politics – matters affecting their country – as an expression of their commitment to be of service to others.  The quest of, care for, and fruition of the common good ultimately means concern for neighbors, protection of public welfare, promotion of justice and development.  Politics is definitely much more than election concerns.  Among other things, it also means watching over those elected, such as what they do, how they render service or instead promote disservice to the people in general.

Such an active concern in terms of political involvement is translated into seeing to it that elected public officials – including those the latter appointed to public offices – are behaving well and doing right as required by law and expected by the citizenry.  The people are not their servants but they are instead the servants of the people.  They are not only expected but also duty-bound to act with rectitude, to render service to the people who are in fact the ones paying for everything they need and want in order to do their jobs well through the payment of taxes of many kinds and in different amounts from birth to death.

It is a big joy and contentment of politicians if the citizens are not concerned by the disservice they render, the thievery they commit, the abuses they make.  It is also heaven for politicians when they remain in office notwithstanding the big lies they say, the gross misdeeds they perpetrate, the marked incompetence they show.  Keep the people ignorant and poor, make them feel unworthy to confront public officials, tell them not to get involved with politics and such is heaven for politicians.

To the people rightfully belongs sovereignty – not to the politicians.  From the people emanates the authority of politicians – not the politicians giving authority to the people.  Politicians should serve the people – not the people serving politicians.  Politicians are  bound to protect the people – not their fellows in the same political party.  Even politicians are bound to tell the truth, accept their mistakes, to make amends.  Even the Chief Executive should be at the service of the common tao.  So is it too that even the Commander-in-Chief should be answerable to his lowest subordinate.

Thus is it that when the highest public official in the country is the obstacle to the emergence of truth, the hindrance to the triumph of justice, the liability to the promotion of peace and wherefore the impediment to socio-economic  development – what should he do?  Smile and walk away?! Stay cool and in peace?!  Do nothing?

Such is precisely the time when people should speak out and accordingly act, when able and commendable individuals should stand and lead, when citizens’ political involvement should earnestly take place.


Monday, March 23, 2015


Truth – reality, fact, actuality – may be intentionally hidden, decidedly kept unknown and even covered up with great care and attention. Such is the standard recourse of those who would lose their supposedly hallowed family background, their apparently long, honorable and honored family name plus their consequent claim to dignity and honor. All these and more are proclaimed and promoted until the truth eventually got out of the bag” - as the saying goes.

Even but briefly, it might be good to point out and understand the key implication of the above-cited saying. Among other things, it means: That the truth seems to have its own life independent of the liar. That the truth could be meantime carefully hidden from the knowledge of all those concerned. But that the truth apparently having a life of its own, sooner or later reveals itself, independently of the desire and design of the liar.

So it is not a secret that, together with this and that previous administration, the one now seemingly reigning with the belief of inherited aristocracy, manages to cover up a lot of truths and thus keeps a good number of secrets from the time of its ascension to power up to the present. No, this is not exactly about the secrets behind the adamant tenure on an Hacienda, the fast and assured ouster of a Chief Justice, the mysteries behind the DAP and PDAF. This is neither about the mysteries of the Napoles reception at the Palace and her personal accompaniment thereafter by none other than the principal Palace occupant on her way to Camp Crame. Nor is this really about the duplicities in the proposed BBL and the enigma behind the SAF 44 phenomenon plus the intrigues raised by the subsequent voluminous BOI report.

This is about the many truths assiduously covered up by the present administration together with its famous KKK associates plus its well-known followers in the Legislature. In other words – saying it bluntly – this is about the many and fat lies said by the administration after its about five years of truly questionable governance. According to its own well-orchestrated pronouncements, the government has never been so honest and upright. The national economy is in its golden age. The people are so pleased and contented with the way it promotes justice and peace, enhances public welfare, attends to the safety of public transportation, keeps prices of consumers' goods low, makes power and water abundant and cheap.

But after its tenure of power – according to law or will of the people – the truth will certainly and eventually come to fore one way or another. There is something mysterious as well as interesting about truth. It seems to have a life of its own. Hide it and it will reveal itself in due time. Bury it and it will show itself thereafter one way or another. Cover it up and it will uncover itself when time so decides.

There is a rather known maxim” “The truth shall set us free.” – free from deception and ignorance, free from deception and ignorance, free from being misled and fooled, free from being trampled upon and laughed at. Hence: LIARS BEWARE!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Briefly and candidly by way of an outline, the following are the more basic and signal behavioral features of someone suffering from the Disorder:

a. Demonstration of social detachment, affective coldness and distance.

Individualistic is a qualifying term that best describes somebody having the adversity. It means that the subject concerned feels comfortable and satisfied when alone – alone living life, alone attending to his or her needs.

b. Preference for solitude such as being far away from others as a way of life.

As an immediate consequence of the above-said individualism or egoism, the person concerned by nature and posture, wants and prefers to be alone in enjoying good things as well as in facing bad news.

c. Association with others simply for one's aggrandizement and usage.
Association with others is made – and even kept at times – in view of their usefulness to self-satisfaction and pursuant protection of the interests of someone afflicted with the personality disorder.

d. Indifference to the appreciation or depreciation of others.

When someone is not only indifferent to but also in fact avoidant of the company of others, it becomes well understandable that he or she is ultimately indifferent to their admiration or depreciation.

3. Contentment with oneself, with the opposite sex usually excluded even.

This self-contentment is what someone having the “Disorder” actually feels and this acts accordingly. This is precisely why he or she also shuns the company even of the opposite sex, its intimate expression well-included.

f. Insensitivity to the difficulty, misfortune and/or suffering of others.

This is not a manifestation of bad will or ill intent of someone schizoid. It is but the logical and understandable result of his or her self-consuming concern and interest, egoism and individualism.

Let it be well-noted that no Personality Disorder of any kind is really desired by anybody. This means that such a personal liability is neither of his or her own making. It is a common theory among experts in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology that unless a serious or severe trauma is the causal factor of a given behavioral liability, a Disorder in the personality make-up of someone usually has its origin from the close blood relationship of his generative origin.